What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are Fantastic.


Seedling sprouts

Broccoli-Microgreen ready for harvest

Fully grown broccoli

Microgreens are Real Superfood

Red cabbage microgreens compared to fully grown red cabbage:

times the amount of Beta-Carotene per ounce

times the amount of Vitamin C per ounce

times the amount of Vitamin E per ounce

Microgreens are normal vegetables and herbs

just harvested earlier and therefore full of flavor, vitamins and freshness. In contrast to sprouts just the above ground portion of the plant is consumed, without the roots. Depending on the variety the time of harvest is either when the seed leafs or the first true leafs are developed.


Microgreens are simply delicious. Many of them resemble the grown vegetables in flavor, others change flavor depending on the stadium of growth they are in. One thing in common is the intensity. The huge variety of flavors, textures and colors means you always find something suitable.

As sweet as it gets: peas

Colorful: amaranth


Microgreens have an extremly high vitamin content.


Microgreens are rich in everything healthy and poor in everything you should avoid. In short: the opposite of junk food.

At Home in the Top Kitchens of this World

Freshest herbs and microgreens are essential in all good kitchens.

Microgreens are a fantastic garnish

A real eye-catcher. A couple of microgreens elevate any dish to a whole new level, a visual and flavorful must have.

Smoothies with Microgreens

Microgreens are perfect to spice up smoothies!

Microgreens can be used in a multitude of ways. No matter if as a garnish, salad or healthy extra, microgreens always make a real impression. Colors, shapes and flavors are unlimited in their diversity. Every edible plant has its place in the kitchen.

Small vegetables really big.