Grow Microgreens & Herbs Easily Yourself

The Fully Controlled Garden for the Kitchen of the Future

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Perfect Conditions

Around the clock, 7 days a week perfect growth conditions. No wonder that plants feel right at home.

The Kitchen of the Future

Authentic herbs and healthy microgreens at your hand at any time. Your own garden, directly in your kitchen – that’s the future.

Reliable Harvests

Highest yield from the smallest footprint. Our patented system allows up to 50% faster growth and absolute reliability.


Self-supply is sustainable. Just harvest what you really need. Invest once and harvest again and again.

No Chemicals

Plants grow without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. No vermins and no chemicals.

Same Minute Harvest

Instead of being transported thousands of miles across oceans and continents plants get harvested directly where they are used – in your kitchen. There’s no fresher and more local way.

Less Garbage

Unpacked herbs or microgreens mean no unnecessary garbage. Absolute freshness without waste or litter.

Fully Automated

No green Thumb? On vacation at the moment? The Microgreenbox is fully automated and takes all those worries off you – even watering.


Full control from seed to harvest – you exactly know what’s on your plate. That means trust in the quality of your food.

Ecologic Footprint

No transports, no driving to buy herbs combined with microgreenbox’s water saving technology means reduced CO2 emissions as well as taking stress off the environment.

Absolute Variety

The climate in the box adjusts to your plant. No matter if herbs, microgreens or daisy-flowers – experiment and enjoy.

Everything under Control

Data logging in the cloud allows for sharing successful harvests and reproducing them over and over again. The IoT connection allows location independent monitoring via mobile app, anytime and anywhere.


Maximum Comfort

Highest hygiene, very quiet, and most importantly no hassle. The box always regulates the climate completely independently from the surroundings to an optimum. Fresh herbs at the push of a button.


Environmentally Friendly

Irrecoverable resources are preserved through avoiding processing, packaging and transport.



Adjustable alerts inform you immediately, if there is the need for action. Also on your smartphone.



The scheduled yields are available on time. 24/7 perfect conditions without any efforts from your side.


Mobile App

Always up to date with our mobile app! Actual values and set points in real time on the device of your choice.



Tailor-made for microgreens and herbs in every detail. Special light and unique features allow for longer service life and perfect growth.

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